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There are No Accidents When It Comes to God

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28 (NIV)

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lordthe fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3 (ESV)

It’s no secret to those who know me, how sacred I believe life is.  Every human on earth past, present and future is a deliberate and miraculous creation from God with worth and value.  God alone gives us the gift of life – complete with His own breath infused into us. As a mother, I was blessed to experience that miracle four times. 

After watching the movie Unplanned, it only reinforced to me what I’ve known all my life – that every life, born and unborn can never be called an “accident.”  I thought I’d cry through the entire movie (I certainly did when the sad, heartbreaking New York news hit) yet, despite the horrifically evil topic addressed in the movie, Unplanned is a beautiful story of how God uses ordinary people to make a difference.  

We all have struggles and past sins that we sometimes try to hold in closets for long periods of time. Unplanned not only shows the very real and truthful ugliness of killing the unborn children of God, but it is also a story of redemption and how God can use our past sins to make huge impacts in the world. God helps us pull out those buried transgressions, with mercy, accepts our plea of forgiveness and turns it into an opportunity to shine His Light for to the world around us.  What an awesome Creator we have!

I pray that this movie has a great impact on anyone considering abortion.  When Roe v Wade was passed, even though many of us already knew that life began at conception, the technology wasn’t yet available to scientifically support it so it was “justified” for many.  We now have the means to prove what many of us have known all along, yet sadly, the persistence of the abortion industry continues to take innocent lives. This truly shows the real culprit behind abortion and it is driven by evil.

Women, some so very vulnerable and in crisis, influenced and deceived into believing that it’s okay to take a life. They are given a plethora of justifications that so many in our society have bought into…it’s not a real human yet, just a blob of tissue, doesn’t feel anything, it’s your body so it’s your right…and the list goes on. But, in reality, it’s not okay. All lives, and the unborn are indeed living human beings, are precious and deserve the opportunity to live the life that God created for them as a gift.

When I consider my own sadness for those lost lives, I can only imagine the deep sorrow our Father in heaven must feel.  I continually hear rights of women being discussed. I don’t understand their argument about the rights of women to “choose”. The rights of all are important so why are we allowed to kill babies, including female babies. These future women, lost their “women’s rights” when the decision was made to abort them from the wombs of their mothers.  

Seriously, if someone came to you and said, you’re an inconvenience or too difficult to deal with so we’re going to terminate your life…I can only imagine the reaction that most people would have to that proposal.  So what about the rights of the unborn? Does the sanctity of life not apply to them??? 

Please understand, I don’t in anyway judge women who choose to have abortions. Judging is not my job – it belongs exclusively to our Maker. Loving is my job and I would never belittle, condemn or disassociate from any woman who has made the choice to terminate their pregnancy.  I can only imagine the agony that some of these women must go through – many times for the rest of their lives.

Praise God for the grace He offers, no matter what we’ve hidden away in our “closets” for so long, he offers forgiveness and love.  Once we give it to God, we are released from the bondage of guilt and self-loathing.


I do, however condemn the action of killing living human beings – precious and innocent little babies who had no say in anything. I have always and will always stand with them in this issue, just as I would stand for the lives of any person, especially those who are vulnerable.  In my severely overly active left brain, I can’t help but wonder – if we don’t turn the abortion issue around and end them – who is next?

Will it be the elderly who require a lot of extra care as they age.  Some have dementia – will our society choose to eliminate them?  What about special needs children, who are some of the most awesome kids I’ve ever met. Will they be next? I have a spinal cord injury and require wheelchair…will I someday become disposable because the cost of my care is too high?  The logic in me says that we are on a slippery slope and someday, if we don’t act now, the cascade effect will begin. It may not be in my lifetime, but if we as a society continue to allow the unborn to be killed, it is inevitable that it will spill over into other populations. 

Only God and a lot of hard work by His children can turn the roller coaster around.  I pray it’s soon.

More to Explore and Think About

Did you know that there are children who survive abortions? I didn’t have a clue for the longest time until I stumbled upon this amazing video.  For those on either side of the fence…it’s well worth watching!

After writing this post, I wanted to include a brief video (sorry…couldn’t find brief) that explained Abby Johnson’s story.  I found this one and because it was so inline with my own thoughts and feelings about the abortion industry, it is a perfect fit.  I know it’s a bit long,  but I encourage you to get a cup of coffee and settle back to watch it. It’s well worth it, as is seeing the moving Unplanned.  Because music is such a conduit from my soul to God, I also included the Unplanned official music video by Matthew West at the bottom of this post.  It so clearly speaks out for the unborn children of the world!  




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