Dear Dad

Hi Dad,

It’s been almost 3 months since you went to be with God. I miss you tremendously, every moment, of everyday, but I take comfort knowing that I will see you again. I’m glad that you’re not in pain anymore and you are in the joyous presence of the Lord. It would be selfish of me to wish for you to be taken away from that just so I could see you and hug you. It’s Memorial weekend and Mark and I went and placed a flag at your marker in Ft. Snelling this past week. They have sod down and it looks very beautiful. We plan to take Mom up next week. We have your honorary flag encased and displayed prominently in our living room entertainment center. The military ceremony was very nice as was the celebration of your life at Hilltop. You were loved by many!


Mom is very sad, as she misses you so much – she feels like a part of herself is missing. She is living with us and has settled into the spare room next to our room nicely. She has a lot of furniture – was even able to fit the dresser in which made her happy. The room is filled with memories of you. Dr. Vaughan says she is improving nicely, although she still has some frustration with memory loss but we are not at the two year mark yet. I still have hope that she will continue to improve. We talk a lot, mostly about you and the wonderful years you spent together. She will never stop missing you, but in time, she will start doing more things for enjoyment of her life. She went to Bible Study each Wednesday at Hilltop and we’re going to see if we can make arrangements for her to attend church on Sunday’s as well. Hilltop means so much to her. Her wonderful friends are being a great support to her right now. Susan calls her every Sunday as well as the other kids when time allows.  Kya senses your absence and clings to Mom to give her comfort.

On May 5, 2018, Marissa graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth and received her Bachelors in Social Work and a minor in deaf studies. She had a job even before she graduated. She has moved back to this area and we are so proud of her accomplishments. We are equally proud of the support that Molly gave her during that time. I know you would be so happy for her!  We are very happy to have her home and she seems to really like he new job.  All the grandkids are doing well and miss you as well.  Megan and Kelley both got new jobs and have great benefits.  The grandkids are doing well in school and we see them quite a bit.


I found out last week that the VA granted me 100% Total and Permanent disability so all my medical care will be completely covered. There are many, many benefits that go along with that plus it will take a lot of the work pressure off of Mark. I know how concerned you were about that so I know you would be happy to hear that news. I always felt a special bond with you because we both served in the military.

We celebrated Alexis 8th birthday on May 26 (her birthday fell on a Friday so we did it the next day). She is growing up so fast as are all three of the grandchildren. They bring us much joy and miss you a lot.  They speak of you often and I am so glad that they will have wonderful memories of you to pass on on to their children.  You were a perfect Opa to them!  Tristan turned 5 in March and Briar will turn 7 in June.  Wish you could be here to celebrate but I don’t second guess God…maybe he has a way of letting you glimpse into our lives.




I want you to know that you don’t have to worry any more about anything.  God is carrying you now and all the things you asked us to do, we did because we love you so much.  Mark continues to take care of both Mom and I and does a tremendous job.  I know you always had a special spot in your heart for him because he honors me like you honored Mom.

We all miss you so much but know that we will be together again soon and I will dance in Heaven with you.

Love you and miss you so much Dad! Praise God that he gives me the comfort that I need.






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